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Winters in the Midwest are brutal, and that means that your home requires a powerful furnace to keep your home warm in the worst of conditions. As temperatures drop well into the negatives, the last thing you want is for your furnace to stop working, but when it does you can rely on Garrett Heating & Cooling to save the day! Our team of experienced technicians has been working on a variety of name-brand gas and electric furnaces for homeowners in the Fairview Heights, IL area. Whether your furnace requires regular maintenance, occasional repairs, or needs to be replaced entirely, call our shop today and request a quality inspection and free estimate on your next HVAC job.

Furnace Maintenance Fairview Heights, Illinois

You may be wondering, how exactly do I take care of my furnace? You’ve come to the right place! Our technicians at Garrett Heating & Cooling in Fairview Heights, IL are here to provide tips on how to keep your furnace and the area surrounding it in pristine condition before calling us for internal care. To make sure that your furnace lasts the average lifespan of 15-20 years, you will need to regularly clean around the base of the unit by sweeping, mopping, and removing any debris that may find its way into the core of the system. Not only this, but it is recommended that homeowners change their air filters at least once every 3 months, depending on the size of their furnace, and frequently check the status of the pilot light if you own a gas system. Worried that you’ll forget a step? Call our shop today and request an annual furnace maintenance inspection and cleaning and Garrett Heating & Cooling will take care of it in no time.

Furnace Repair Fairview Heights, Illinois

Is your furnace making loud banging noises when changing the temperature on the thermostat? Are you noticing cold spots throughout your home? These could be signs that your furnace is slowly decreasing efficiency and may require repair. When this happens, you can rely on Garrett Heating & Cooling in Fairview Heights, IL to inspect your furnace, quickly determine the cause of the issue, and provide repairs all within the same day so that you never have to sacrifice your comfort. Don’t put off calling a professional until it’s too late, call our experts today and we will work diligently to repair your furnace to prevent any future failures and ensure the safety of your family and home. Worried about the price? We always give free estimates before every job and guarantee fair and reasonable prices to avoid unnecessary overcharges like some other companies.

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Furnace Installation & Replacement Fairview Heights, Illinois

Do you know the age of your current furnace? If it is well over a decade old, chances are you will be needing a new furnace within the next few years. Instead of waiting, give Garrett Heating & Cooling a call and learn more about our quality name-brand manufacturers and competitive prices that keep our loyal customers coming back every single time! We have over 25 years of experience and work with the top name brands in the industry to ensure our customers never purchase a furnace that is overpriced and inefficient. Not only do we over 24/7 services when your pilot light goes out or the furnace stops working altogether, but we will also take your furnace away and replace it with a brand new system within the same day! What are you waiting for? Call and speak with one of our experienced technicians today.

Boiler repair and Maintenance Fairview Heights, IL
Boiler repair and Maintenance Fairview Heights, IL

Boiler Repair & Maintenance Fairview Heights, Illinois

A boiler is similar to a furnace in that it uses the same gas or electric energy supply, but boilers ultimately heat your home using hot water that travels through a network of pipes in the walls of your home. Furnaces, on the other hand, use hot air to keep your home warm in the winter. When your boiler goes out, it’s only a matter of time before your pipes could freeze, making it impossible to heat your home without professional repair services. When this happens, you can rely on Garrett Heating & Cooling in Fairview Heights, IL to provide expert boiler repair and boiler maintenance services to get your home running again. We know that there is nothing worse than having your boiler go out in the middle of the night. Thankfully, we offer 24/7 boiler repair services so that you never have to sacrifice comfort when you need us most.

Humidifiers & Dehumidifiers Fairview Heights, Illinois

You have probably heard of a dehumidifier and humidifier, but what exactly do they do, and are they necessary for your home year-round? The short answer is absolutely, and let us tell you why! Humidity may seem like the enemy since it creates uncontrollably frizzy hair in the summer, but it is necessary, in moderation, of course, to allow your home and immune system to stay clean and healthy.
The solution to controlling the humidity levels in your home throughout the winter and summer months is by installing a humidifier or dehumidifier depending on your home’s needs. Humidifiers increase the humidity in your home when the air is too dry, and dehumidifiers take the humidity out of your home when it starts to feel stuffy and uncomfortable. Don’t settle for itchy skin and dry eyes, call Garrett Heating & Cooling in Fairview Heights today and get your quality air purifying system.

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